Return of the Righteous Moon

Fleeing North

The mystery of the metal men pt. 1

  • group takes airship with crew and flees north
  • group decides officer ranks of the crow which are:
    +Abanii – Captain
    +Urika – First Mate
    +Basu – Crew Trainer
    +Sini – Navigator
    +Amaruq – Helmsman
  • group flies ship to tuskstad
  • group meets with local military and is given legitimacy and asked to go to diamond hearth. Supposed there is an army of metal men terrorizing civilians there. They are asked to find and stop the king of the metal men.
  • group supplies themselves and flies off to Diamond Hearth
  • group does basic recon

(If anyone remembers anything please feel free to fill it in)


joshopotamus joshopotamus

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