Return of the Righteous Moon

Journey to Sezakan

  • group agrees to continue to sezakan and help the people of the air and then return home
  • group finds another airship limping along with plenty of mortals
  • crew of second ship makes statements about the fae having attacked their ship
  • group figures out something fishy is going on and interrogate the crew
  • it turns out the crew is a number of slaves from Sezakan who are put here to scare of travelers
  • group takes both the slaves and their ship with them back to Sezakan
  • group is forced to land and enter the city under heavy guard
  • Abanii begins to have a number of visions about a lunar named Urrin and about Urrin’s life as ruler of Sezakan
  • group is introduced to “the Administrator”, a seperate personality of IAM that has directed the actions of the Sezakanians for generations
  • the Administrator states that Abanii is the most recent incarnation of the ruler of Sezakan and places administrative control in Abanii’s hands


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