Return of the Righteous Moon

Tzatli pt. 1

  • Group descends further into catacombs beneath outer city
  • group runs into hallway they find a light shield
    *Abanii smashes the wall around the shield so they can walk through
  • group pushes past light shield only to find that those who do grow incredibly fearful
  • group retreats back to antechamber where group members anima flare sets off a monitor
  • group meets “IAM” the sentient computer system that used to administer the entire city
  • IAM admits that much of the city is out of his control and that if the group helps him, he’d be willing to meet with them
  • group takes a crystal and is told to reconnect the airship hanger by firing the crystal into a port located on the side of a monitor in the hanger guarded by hordes of robots
  • a lucky arrow fired by Amaruq fits the crystal into the port
  • group reconnoiters the hanger
  • group walks through chambers to find a large arboretum
  • group hears singing and Chameleon sings back
  • Tree singers found and slowly those who are able to hear go unconscious
  • Myrdebasu and Wind Born of Many Gusts – IAM immune to singing grab unconscious party members and retreat
  • group goes around arboretum and finds a large room with a massive monitor. IAM greets the party


joshopotamus BrassRabbit

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