Return of the Righteous Moon

Tzatli pt. 2

  • IAM admits lacking control to crucial areas of the city
  • IAM gives each group member a translation crystal with copies of its personality
  • IAM asks group to reconnect it to the arboretum, the preservation chamber, the upper city, and the repair depot
  • group descends into the under ground chambers beneath the city
  • massive number of builder bugs are rebuilding parts of the city
  • group safely walks through the first chamber to the second where swarms of bugs plug up the entrance
  • Amaruq blasts entrance with fire from a fire lance
  • wave after wave of builder bug attack amaruq
  • Urika leaps past the second chamber into a final chamber to find the consol and links it to IAM
  • Chameleon finds that the second chamber extended around the under part of the city
  • IAM confirms the builder bugs have tunneled under Diamond Hearth to steal parts for the rebuilding of the inner city
  • group finds an elevator shaft up to the preservation chamber level
  • group hears large animals roaming around and all hide
  • juvenile Dragon Kings rush into the halls only to be greeted by golems. They fight and the Dragon Kings flee
  • group reveals themselves and the golems ignore them.
  • group walks back to the main preservation chamber to find a large consol
  • they insert the chip and IAM opens a staircase back to the main console chamber


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