Return of the Righteous Moon

Tzatli pt. 3

  • group moves back to the arboretum
  • Amaruq climbs a tree and spots a few tree singers and a juvenile dragon king and shoots a dragon king.
  • group travels through the forest and evades a large number of golems to find the console in the arboretum
  • group leaves arboretum for the top side of the inner city
  • group splits into two, one infiltrating a large tower filled with golems and the other infiltrating a different one
  • Amaruq and Myrdebasu climb to the top of a massive and open a massive orachalcum door and proceeds to find the console reconnecting the last piece of the city to the administrative program
  • Urika, Abanii, and Chameleon all discover a large chamber containing a number of ruined chambers some containing the corpses of people of the air. It seems a number had been generated here generations ago.


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