Return of the Righteous Moon

Unexpected Mentor

  • group conspires to get Tzatli floating again
  • group starts convincing people to move into the ruins
  • group makes for their airship to leave for the direction of the arrow fired by the lady and finds someone is blocking their path and has arrested their crew
  • after taking them aboard a large airship, the figure explains that he is Gerd Marrow Eater, the legendary founder of the Haslanti league
  • Gerd explains to the group that Tzatli is part of a silver pact project and that the group must abandon whatever designs they might have had for it
  • Gerd also explains what the silver pact is and that he will teach them to shape shift
  • Gerd issues an ultimatum and the group is told that if Urika will not take moon silver tattoos he will banish them from the haslanti league forever
  • The next few days group gets to know crew and gerd and they also meet Gerd’s ward. Urika picks up a few mutations shape shifting
  • group lands at Psiaps last redoubt and learns how to perform a hunt for heartsblood shapes and all gain an extra form
  • Gerd flies them back to Diamond Hearth. On the way Urika picks up a number of horrifying mutations and then gets tattooed before it gets worse.
  • Gerd asks if they would take on his lunar ward and help her learn
  • group flies in the direction of the arrow
  • Chameleon gets a vision of the home town a few days away from the arrow that their home is in trouble. Amaruq reveals he believes they are returning to his home village of Sezakan and reveals he is in fact a person of the air


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