Return of the Righteous Moon

The Lady of Five Faces
First Game

The village of Oswa is a small village of hunter/gatherers who have only recently started basic agrarian practices who live 2 weeks by horse east of White Wall in the Wawatusca river valley. As the tribe of the Elk Runner’s departed from Oswa from their yearly stop to trade and rest, the great war chief Runs with Wolves began interrogating individuals in a panic. His daughter, Little Squirrel, had gone missing. After Chuylien and Amaruq made a quick search, Little Squirrel was found close to the temple of the village goddess Ashka, lady of the five faces. After consulting the village sachems, it was determined that Ashka did indeed wish for other members of the village to enter and Abanii, Urika, Sini, Chuylien, Myrdebasu, and Amaruq were given the task.

Upon entering the temple of Ashka, the party found the walls of a great anti-chamber covered in masks of Ashka’s domains in the emotions of joy, mercy, contemplation, anger, and grief. Sini, a powerful medicine women who could open her self up to possession, opened her eyes with a new purpose searching for any nearby gods but could find none. They also found three stone passages but only one was open as the other two had caved in. After going through the remaining passage, they found themselves surrounded by small lights that floated around them to light the way. The passage quickly opened up into a massive cavern with a small rock ledge that followed along a cliffside with many small lights in the distance and more masks of Ashka on the walls. Crossing the ledge they found a large platform of dirt and rock and the distant lights were revealed to be the eyes of the temple guardians, odd monkeys born of shadow and anger. They attacked the party who sustained a few wounds after realizing that their movements were hindered while they weren’t wearing a mask or wearing a mask baring any emotion other than Ashka’s current one (at that moment grief). Once the right mask was found, it became clear that the guardians were incapable of finding them and the party scared them off quickly.

After going through the exit passage they found themselves in a large carst cave of stone walls that formed a hallway that ended with a massive stone door with slots to hold masks. As the party began to figure out which order was necessary to gain admittance, Myrdebasu climbed up to a rocky out crop where he found a group of heavily armed guild thugs. Michael took an immediate arrow wound that threw him back to the ground greviously wounding him. Sini began the rituals to open herself to possession from any spiritual willing to help as the group took cover and began fighting the guild mercenaries. After trading wounds and Urika healing as many as she could, Sini was possessed by the god of the physical temple Chunas who quickly dropped the stone spires the guild enemies were attacking the group from killing all who remained. The group took a few moments to rest and then asked Chunas where they might be able to find Ashka.

Quickly realizing they meant what he called “the intruder”, Chunas opened the massive stone door and took them quickly to the temple armory and then finally to the small chamber where Ashka resided. Incapable of opening the door himself, the party forced the last door open with a grief mask. Inside they found Little Squirrel and a faceless woman with a belt of masks around her hips, Ashka. The faceless woman climbed into the body of Little Squirrel, disappearing into the girl. Chunas grew angry at this and demanded the little girl be released it was quickly revealed that Ashka was no goddess at all but a fae who had long ago invaded creation and found herself stranded. She also realized that if the party let her go with the little girl she would bring no harm to them or the village. The group asked Ashka what she intended to do with Little Squirrel and Ashka quite bluntly revealed that little squirrels purpose was to sustain Ashka with sustenance for her long journey back to the edges of creation. Chunas was absolutely to do whatever got Ashka out of his temple as quickly as possible and stated he would let her out with the girl. Chuylien realized this meant that little squirrel would slowly have her soul eaten along the journey in an agonizing and horrifying process and decided rather than allow Little Squirrel to meet a vicious end, she would have to give her a final mercy.

As the group escorted Little Squirrel and Ashka out of the temple hearth room, they found a big empty room straight to the door. All the stone rooms, puzzles, and temple guardians had been an illusion by the Fae to confuse them. Rather than live with the knowledge that the little girl would be Ashka’s play thing and food, Chuylien put two arrows into the back of Little Squirrel’s neck killing her and forcing Ashka back into corporeal form. Chunas wishing to be rid of the fae joined the efforts of the group as a mighty battle ensued. Using her powers of beguilement, Ashka split the party in two by unnaturally forcing half the party to join her. Most of the mortal party members were beaten but none killed. Those who remained fought with the aid of Chunas until the fae was dead. Amaruq, before the end of the battle took a moment to cut the throat of his rival Chuylien and allowed his familar to feed on Chuylien’s cold body. With the Fae’s death, they found themselves covered in a silver light and those who were unconscious felt themselves awaken with the light of moon leading them to stand.

Something on the Horizon
5 New Lunar Exalts

Rolling back the temple door they found much of the village outside the temple in deep prayer. With themselves covered in a great silver light, the people of Oswa bowed down in worship to what they thought were the chosen of Ashka. None of the group took the time to correct this perception. They returned to the village and Chuylien and Little Squirrel’s bodies were brought back. That night another lunar by the name of silver needle crept into each of their homes and gave them a choice, be tattooed or risk being turned into a monster. All who took the tattoos were allowed to join him in two days when he and his men would leave the village. All took the tattoos except Urika. In the morning Abanii called for the group to meet to discuss what they had become. In the night he had also had a dream of many a great wheel with many faces he did not know. Sini found herself surrounded by a large group of villagers who believed her to be the goddess Ashka incarnate. Sini asked the village to give Little Squirrel the proper burial rights for her great sacrifice and to see that little squirrel would be quickly ushered into heaven with the prayers of her village. Urika told the sachems of Chuyliens crimes and that Chuylien was not fit to be buried with those who were to return to heaven.

That afternoon an airship from the Haslanti league landed north of the village with a group of traders and mercenaries, silver needle among them. A few hours later a group of elk herders known as the Elk Heart tribe arrived to rest and trade, and then a caravan from white wall showed up bringing much wheat and other provisions. As the group walked around meeting the trade delegations, Urika felt herself drawn to a strange man she had never seen before. He went into the village elder council chambers where he discussed the need for Oswa to submit to his master, the bull of the north. Urika entered the chamber to raise her voice in disagreement when she found herself quickly charmed by him. With the elders convinced of their need to join the bull of the north, the two disappeared to explore their … attraction to one another. As the night began to settle, Amaruq took a few moments to scan the area with the help of his bird only to find that a group of five was slipping into the village with the excitement of the new arrivals as distraction. They were not alone. After gathering his comrades, Abanii noticed that many of the village warriors began rushing in different directions. It seemed that the night had brought fresh disagreements between members of the trade delegations and the warriors were needed to quell the violence. As the warriors became distracted and rushed off to deal with the quarreling parties, Abanni and Myrdebasu found themselves surrounded by five men. The head man threw off the hood of cloak and shouted “Anathema you have corrupted this village enough, it is with the full authority of the immaculate dragons that I have come here to put down your heresy”. The other four figures began to press their advantage.

Battle in Oswa

The battle began with Basu & Abanii fighting the 5 members of the Wyld Hunt posse with Amaruq providing supporting fire from a distance. Wildly outmatched & unprepared for this caliber of enemy, Basu & Abanii were defeated almost without effort; their strongest blows hardly scratching the Huntsmen. Urika attempted to leap to the rescue by transforming into her War Form & leaping into the fray. Then, Sini/Chameleon cast a spell that compelled all who saw the symbol above her head to be compelled to solve a riddle before continuing to fight. Skillfully, she snared all the Huntsmen in her trap! The leader of the Hunt (Sheriff? Master?) broke free of the spell &, realizing he had lost the initiative, opened a portal to somewhere with a giant lion of asskickery & peaced the fuck out. Seeing their Boss dip set, 2 more of the Huntsmen followed his lead. The Lunars managed to detain 2 of the posse, but Basu and Amaruq had an accident with the Water Dragon’s head which became detached & arrowed.

Fleeing North
The mystery of the metal men pt. 1
  • group takes airship with crew and flees north
  • group decides officer ranks of the crow which are:
    +Abanii – Captain
    +Urika – First Mate
    +Basu – Crew Trainer
    +Sini – Navigator
    +Amaruq – Helmsman
  • group flies ship to tuskstad
  • group meets with local military and is given legitimacy and asked to go to diamond hearth. Supposed there is an army of metal men terrorizing civilians there. They are asked to find and stop the king of the metal men.
  • group supplies themselves and flies off to Diamond Hearth
  • group does basic recon

(If anyone remembers anything please feel free to fill it in)

Diamond Hearth
mystery of the metal men pt. 2
  • group speaks with locals find out about Tzatli
  • group runs into builder bugs
  • group meets with local sherif who talks about metal men taking supplies
  • group sets up stake out and watches metal men take supplies and walk towards inner city
  • group follows and a fight ensues
  • Amaruq gets lazered in the chest
  • groups defeats metal soldiers
  • Urika sees a vision of a woman who commands her to follow an arrow and the fires it way up into the sky
Into the Ruins
mystery of the metal men pt. 2
  • group speaks with locals find out about Tzatli
  • group runs into builder bugs
  • group meets with local sherif who talks about metal men taking supplies
  • group sets up stake out and watches metal men take supplies and walk towards inner city
  • group follows and a fight ensues
  • Amaruq gets lazered in the chest
  • groups defeats metal soldiers
  • Urika sees a vision of a woman who commands her to follow an arrow and the fires it way up into the sky
Tzatli pt. 1
  • Group descends further into catacombs beneath outer city
  • group runs into hallway they find a light shield
    *Abanii smashes the wall around the shield so they can walk through
  • group pushes past light shield only to find that those who do grow incredibly fearful
  • group retreats back to antechamber where group members anima flare sets off a monitor
  • group meets “IAM” the sentient computer system that used to administer the entire city
  • IAM admits that much of the city is out of his control and that if the group helps him, he’d be willing to meet with them
  • group takes a crystal and is told to reconnect the airship hanger by firing the crystal into a port located on the side of a monitor in the hanger guarded by hordes of robots
  • a lucky arrow fired by Amaruq fits the crystal into the port
  • group reconnoiters the hanger
  • group walks through chambers to find a large arboretum
  • group hears singing and Chameleon sings back
  • Tree singers found and slowly those who are able to hear go unconscious
  • Myrdebasu and Wind Born of Many Gusts – IAM immune to singing grab unconscious party members and retreat
  • group goes around arboretum and finds a large room with a massive monitor. IAM greets the party
Tzatli pt. 2
  • IAM admits lacking control to crucial areas of the city
  • IAM gives each group member a translation crystal with copies of its personality
  • IAM asks group to reconnect it to the arboretum, the preservation chamber, the upper city, and the repair depot
  • group descends into the under ground chambers beneath the city
  • massive number of builder bugs are rebuilding parts of the city
  • group safely walks through the first chamber to the second where swarms of bugs plug up the entrance
  • Amaruq blasts entrance with fire from a fire lance
  • wave after wave of builder bug attack amaruq
  • Urika leaps past the second chamber into a final chamber to find the consol and links it to IAM
  • Chameleon finds that the second chamber extended around the under part of the city
  • IAM confirms the builder bugs have tunneled under Diamond Hearth to steal parts for the rebuilding of the inner city
  • group finds an elevator shaft up to the preservation chamber level
  • group hears large animals roaming around and all hide
  • juvenile Dragon Kings rush into the halls only to be greeted by golems. They fight and the Dragon Kings flee
  • group reveals themselves and the golems ignore them.
  • group walks back to the main preservation chamber to find a large consol
  • they insert the chip and IAM opens a staircase back to the main console chamber
Tzatli pt. 3
  • group moves back to the arboretum
  • Amaruq climbs a tree and spots a few tree singers and a juvenile dragon king and shoots a dragon king.
  • group travels through the forest and evades a large number of golems to find the console in the arboretum
  • group leaves arboretum for the top side of the inner city
  • group splits into two, one infiltrating a large tower filled with golems and the other infiltrating a different one
  • Amaruq and Myrdebasu climb to the top of a massive and open a massive orachalcum door and proceeds to find the console reconnecting the last piece of the city to the administrative program
  • Urika, Abanii, and Chameleon all discover a large chamber containing a number of ruined chambers some containing the corpses of people of the air. It seems a number had been generated here generations ago.
Unexpected Mentor
  • group conspires to get Tzatli floating again
  • group starts convincing people to move into the ruins
  • group makes for their airship to leave for the direction of the arrow fired by the lady and finds someone is blocking their path and has arrested their crew
  • after taking them aboard a large airship, the figure explains that he is Gerd Marrow Eater, the legendary founder of the Haslanti league
  • Gerd explains to the group that Tzatli is part of a silver pact project and that the group must abandon whatever designs they might have had for it
  • Gerd also explains what the silver pact is and that he will teach them to shape shift
  • Gerd issues an ultimatum and the group is told that if Urika will not take moon silver tattoos he will banish them from the haslanti league forever
  • The next few days group gets to know crew and gerd and they also meet Gerd’s ward. Urika picks up a few mutations shape shifting
  • group lands at Psiaps last redoubt and learns how to perform a hunt for heartsblood shapes and all gain an extra form
  • Gerd flies them back to Diamond Hearth. On the way Urika picks up a number of horrifying mutations and then gets tattooed before it gets worse.
  • Gerd asks if they would take on his lunar ward and help her learn
  • group flies in the direction of the arrow
  • Chameleon gets a vision of the home town a few days away from the arrow that their home is in trouble. Amaruq reveals he believes they are returning to his home village of Sezakan and reveals he is in fact a person of the air

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