Return of the Righteous Moon

Return to Oswa

After a small celebration to the victory at Sezikan, the party of the Righteous Moon prep to head back home to Oswa. To this end, they gain followers. Tyvia’s worshipers are divided thirty on one ship, thirty on another ship, and fifty on our new First Age ship. Abanii’s followers number thirty on one ship, thirty on another, and fifty on the new First Age ship. There is still the first ship, and Litany of Litanies Litany- making a total of Seven ships in the fleet

With the power of IAM and the minor god Chameleon summoned, the fleet were in a slipstream that turned a normally two week trip into a day and a half. Upon arrival….

Oh what horror, what sorrow beset our heroes. Their hometown of Oswa was destroyed, and a legion of undead swarmed the mountains and hills around their once peaceful valley. To the southeast, the temple of the Lady of Five Faces has been converted into an obelisk of some kind. The forest to the west has been half-burned, and the grasslands have been turned into a sea of blighted hay. Even the river has been reduced to a trickle, as if the life of the waters themselves have been similarly withered

Upon reaching the refugee camp, the team split up to reconnect with their various worshipers, followers, acolytes and family members. The total story put together from the survivors is that the army of undead came in the night, killing before an alarm was sent. As people awoke and the panic beset, the forest goddess Indra and her followers came to the rescue. They saved as many of the village as they could, and retreated back to the forest. Every night since then, the hooded figure of Ebony Shattered Ice has lead probing attacks, meant to test the defenses and wear down the defenders.

After the shock wears off, the team builds a plan. Chameleon makes masks. Basu gives blessings. But the bulk of the plan is that the 6 normal ships fly off to the west, for an hour, then hold their position. Using all of our special perceptive abilities, as soon as we note that the enemy is an hour away and attacking, Tyvia flies high and anima flairs as a signal. Three ships manned by mortals swing around the north, and act as a primary attack force to trap the enemies between air born attacks and the ground forces. Two other ships, dragging Litany of Litanies Litany, fly south and are to destroy the Obelisk with LoLL. All gunners and Helmsmen are to have a circle of salt around them to protect against ghosts.


  • Urika is asked to bring honor to her family by taking down the ancestors that have been reanimated
  • Abanii finds out that he has a daughter, by the name of Sharpleaf in the land of Linowa

If there are details I forgot, please add. I feel like there are sub-missions for everyone, and I simply forgot them.

Name of the new First Age ship: Vote between Return of the Righteous, Sundering Triumph, Moon’s Revenge, Jackdaw, or Its A Trap
Or come up with another suggestion?

Defending Sezakan
  • Abanii is coronated as ruler of Sezakan
  • the city celebrates and the group is informed of a number of different things about Sezakans past and current life
  • Abanii Abanii continues to have visions detailing what might have happened to Urrin
  • the Administrator warns the group that fae enemies have been surrounding the city and that they must prepare to defend Sezakan
  • Urika sends out scouts to search the area and many die, only one returns to inform her they have infiltrated the western mountain range outside the city
  • Myrdebasu tracks down members of the local tribe and starts a fight in a bar only to find himself being taken to the lead warrior who reprimends Basu, but then agrees to train him
  • Amaruq and Gerd’s ward have a stupid fight
  • A member of the local population informs Amaruq that he has a number of loyal Sezakanians willing to follow him as a celestially appointed savior of the people of air
  • the group does their own reconnaissance only to find that indeed a large fae presence is crawling through tunnels in the western mountains and a large army has camped on the other side of the range
  • the Administrator reveals the existence of a thousand forged dragon, a massive first age super weapon that could potentially save them or turn Sezakan into a barren wasteland for centuries
  • Abanii’s visions cumulate in a revelation that his wife and son were killed in Sezakan the last time that this particular fey and his army attacked. With the rage and grief fresh in his mind, and as the new ruler of Sezakan, he forces the super weapon to self destruct taking out the rest of the western mountain range
  • the fae lord temperate supplicant of clouded destinies leaves to rebuild his army
Journey to Sezakan
  • group agrees to continue to sezakan and help the people of the air and then return home
  • group finds another airship limping along with plenty of mortals
  • crew of second ship makes statements about the fae having attacked their ship
  • group figures out something fishy is going on and interrogate the crew
  • it turns out the crew is a number of slaves from Sezakan who are put here to scare of travelers
  • group takes both the slaves and their ship with them back to Sezakan
  • group is forced to land and enter the city under heavy guard
  • Abanii begins to have a number of visions about a lunar named Urrin and about Urrin’s life as ruler of Sezakan
  • group is introduced to “the Administrator”, a seperate personality of IAM that has directed the actions of the Sezakanians for generations
  • the Administrator states that Abanii is the most recent incarnation of the ruler of Sezakan and places administrative control in Abanii’s hands
Unexpected Mentor
  • group conspires to get Tzatli floating again
  • group starts convincing people to move into the ruins
  • group makes for their airship to leave for the direction of the arrow fired by the lady and finds someone is blocking their path and has arrested their crew
  • after taking them aboard a large airship, the figure explains that he is Gerd Marrow Eater, the legendary founder of the Haslanti league
  • Gerd explains to the group that Tzatli is part of a silver pact project and that the group must abandon whatever designs they might have had for it
  • Gerd also explains what the silver pact is and that he will teach them to shape shift
  • Gerd issues an ultimatum and the group is told that if Urika will not take moon silver tattoos he will banish them from the haslanti league forever
  • The next few days group gets to know crew and gerd and they also meet Gerd’s ward. Urika picks up a few mutations shape shifting
  • group lands at Psiaps last redoubt and learns how to perform a hunt for heartsblood shapes and all gain an extra form
  • Gerd flies them back to Diamond Hearth. On the way Urika picks up a number of horrifying mutations and then gets tattooed before it gets worse.
  • Gerd asks if they would take on his lunar ward and help her learn
  • group flies in the direction of the arrow
  • Chameleon gets a vision of the home town a few days away from the arrow that their home is in trouble. Amaruq reveals he believes they are returning to his home village of Sezakan and reveals he is in fact a person of the air
Tzatli pt. 3
  • group moves back to the arboretum
  • Amaruq climbs a tree and spots a few tree singers and a juvenile dragon king and shoots a dragon king.
  • group travels through the forest and evades a large number of golems to find the console in the arboretum
  • group leaves arboretum for the top side of the inner city
  • group splits into two, one infiltrating a large tower filled with golems and the other infiltrating a different one
  • Amaruq and Myrdebasu climb to the top of a massive and open a massive orachalcum door and proceeds to find the console reconnecting the last piece of the city to the administrative program
  • Urika, Abanii, and Chameleon all discover a large chamber containing a number of ruined chambers some containing the corpses of people of the air. It seems a number had been generated here generations ago.
Tzatli pt. 2
  • IAM admits lacking control to crucial areas of the city
  • IAM gives each group member a translation crystal with copies of its personality
  • IAM asks group to reconnect it to the arboretum, the preservation chamber, the upper city, and the repair depot
  • group descends into the under ground chambers beneath the city
  • massive number of builder bugs are rebuilding parts of the city
  • group safely walks through the first chamber to the second where swarms of bugs plug up the entrance
  • Amaruq blasts entrance with fire from a fire lance
  • wave after wave of builder bug attack amaruq
  • Urika leaps past the second chamber into a final chamber to find the consol and links it to IAM
  • Chameleon finds that the second chamber extended around the under part of the city
  • IAM confirms the builder bugs have tunneled under Diamond Hearth to steal parts for the rebuilding of the inner city
  • group finds an elevator shaft up to the preservation chamber level
  • group hears large animals roaming around and all hide
  • juvenile Dragon Kings rush into the halls only to be greeted by golems. They fight and the Dragon Kings flee
  • group reveals themselves and the golems ignore them.
  • group walks back to the main preservation chamber to find a large consol
  • they insert the chip and IAM opens a staircase back to the main console chamber
Tzatli pt. 1
  • Group descends further into catacombs beneath outer city
  • group runs into hallway they find a light shield
    *Abanii smashes the wall around the shield so they can walk through
  • group pushes past light shield only to find that those who do grow incredibly fearful
  • group retreats back to antechamber where group members anima flare sets off a monitor
  • group meets “IAM” the sentient computer system that used to administer the entire city
  • IAM admits that much of the city is out of his control and that if the group helps him, he’d be willing to meet with them
  • group takes a crystal and is told to reconnect the airship hanger by firing the crystal into a port located on the side of a monitor in the hanger guarded by hordes of robots
  • a lucky arrow fired by Amaruq fits the crystal into the port
  • group reconnoiters the hanger
  • group walks through chambers to find a large arboretum
  • group hears singing and Chameleon sings back
  • Tree singers found and slowly those who are able to hear go unconscious
  • Myrdebasu and Wind Born of Many Gusts – IAM immune to singing grab unconscious party members and retreat
  • group goes around arboretum and finds a large room with a massive monitor. IAM greets the party
Into the Ruins
mystery of the metal men pt. 2
  • group speaks with locals find out about Tzatli
  • group runs into builder bugs
  • group meets with local sherif who talks about metal men taking supplies
  • group sets up stake out and watches metal men take supplies and walk towards inner city
  • group follows and a fight ensues
  • Amaruq gets lazered in the chest
  • groups defeats metal soldiers
  • Urika sees a vision of a woman who commands her to follow an arrow and the fires it way up into the sky
Diamond Hearth
mystery of the metal men pt. 2
  • group speaks with locals find out about Tzatli
  • group runs into builder bugs
  • group meets with local sherif who talks about metal men taking supplies
  • group sets up stake out and watches metal men take supplies and walk towards inner city
  • group follows and a fight ensues
  • Amaruq gets lazered in the chest
  • groups defeats metal soldiers
  • Urika sees a vision of a woman who commands her to follow an arrow and the fires it way up into the sky
Fleeing North
The mystery of the metal men pt. 1
  • group takes airship with crew and flees north
  • group decides officer ranks of the crow which are:
    +Abanii – Captain
    +Urika – First Mate
    +Basu – Crew Trainer
    +Sini – Navigator
    +Amaruq – Helmsman
  • group flies ship to tuskstad
  • group meets with local military and is given legitimacy and asked to go to diamond hearth. Supposed there is an army of metal men terrorizing civilians there. They are asked to find and stop the king of the metal men.
  • group supplies themselves and flies off to Diamond Hearth
  • group does basic recon

(If anyone remembers anything please feel free to fill it in)


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