Return of the Righteous Moon

Defending Sezakan

  • Abanii is coronated as ruler of Sezakan
  • the city celebrates and the group is informed of a number of different things about Sezakans past and current life
  • Abanii Abanii continues to have visions detailing what might have happened to Urrin
  • the Administrator warns the group that fae enemies have been surrounding the city and that they must prepare to defend Sezakan
  • Urika sends out scouts to search the area and many die, only one returns to inform her they have infiltrated the western mountain range outside the city
  • Myrdebasu tracks down members of the local tribe and starts a fight in a bar only to find himself being taken to the lead warrior who reprimends Basu, but then agrees to train him
  • Amaruq and Gerd’s ward have a stupid fight
  • A member of the local population informs Amaruq that he has a number of loyal Sezakanians willing to follow him as a celestially appointed savior of the people of air
  • the group does their own reconnaissance only to find that indeed a large fae presence is crawling through tunnels in the western mountains and a large army has camped on the other side of the range
  • the Administrator reveals the existence of a thousand forged dragon, a massive first age super weapon that could potentially save them or turn Sezakan into a barren wasteland for centuries
  • Abanii’s visions cumulate in a revelation that his wife and son were killed in Sezakan the last time that this particular fey and his army attacked. With the rage and grief fresh in his mind, and as the new ruler of Sezakan, he forces the super weapon to self destruct taking out the rest of the western mountain range
  • the fae lord temperate supplicant of clouded destinies leaves to rebuild his army


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