Return of the Righteous Moon

Return to Oswa

After a small celebration to the victory at Sezikan, the party of the Righteous Moon prep to head back home to Oswa. To this end, they gain followers. Tyvia’s worshipers are divided thirty on one ship, thirty on another ship, and fifty on our new First Age ship. Abanii’s followers number thirty on one ship, thirty on another, and fifty on the new First Age ship. There is still the first ship, and Litany of Litanies Litany- making a total of Seven ships in the fleet

With the power of IAM and the minor god Chameleon summoned, the fleet were in a slipstream that turned a normally two week trip into a day and a half. Upon arrival….

Oh what horror, what sorrow beset our heroes. Their hometown of Oswa was destroyed, and a legion of undead swarmed the mountains and hills around their once peaceful valley. To the southeast, the temple of the Lady of Five Faces has been converted into an obelisk of some kind. The forest to the west has been half-burned, and the grasslands have been turned into a sea of blighted hay. Even the river has been reduced to a trickle, as if the life of the waters themselves have been similarly withered

Upon reaching the refugee camp, the team split up to reconnect with their various worshipers, followers, acolytes and family members. The total story put together from the survivors is that the army of undead came in the night, killing before an alarm was sent. As people awoke and the panic beset, the forest goddess Indra and her followers came to the rescue. They saved as many of the village as they could, and retreated back to the forest. Every night since then, the hooded figure of Ebony Shattered Ice has lead probing attacks, meant to test the defenses and wear down the defenders.

After the shock wears off, the team builds a plan. Chameleon makes masks. Basu gives blessings. But the bulk of the plan is that the 6 normal ships fly off to the west, for an hour, then hold their position. Using all of our special perceptive abilities, as soon as we note that the enemy is an hour away and attacking, Tyvia flies high and anima flairs as a signal. Three ships manned by mortals swing around the north, and act as a primary attack force to trap the enemies between air born attacks and the ground forces. Two other ships, dragging Litany of Litanies Litany, fly south and are to destroy the Obelisk with LoLL. All gunners and Helmsmen are to have a circle of salt around them to protect against ghosts.


  • Urika is asked to bring honor to her family by taking down the ancestors that have been reanimated
  • Abanii finds out that he has a daughter, by the name of Sharpleaf in the land of Linowa

If there are details I forgot, please add. I feel like there are sub-missions for everyone, and I simply forgot them.

Name of the new First Age ship: Vote between Return of the Righteous, Sundering Triumph, Moon’s Revenge, Jackdaw, or Its A Trap
Or come up with another suggestion?


Abanii votes Sundering Triumph

Return to Oswa

after the revision of xp rules, Zach now has experience points he can use for Abanii or any other character he may choose to play in the future. Anyone who adds to this account in a useful way will gain 1xp

Return to Oswa
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